After 5+ years of facilitating The Flower Process, we are looking to develop a web application that would allow people to visit past Flowers and collectively build a visual database of Flowers that shows the beauty of diversity. 

We are raising $10,000 dollars to fund the creation and initial maintenance of the web application. We are not looking for investment or big donors but instead relying on our services and the generosity of our community.

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what we are going to build and donate if you can.

We are a crowdfunded organization. 

Learn how you can contribute time or money here: contributors@oK.community

oK is a Low-Profit Limited Liability (L3C) organization. All of our profits are dispersed in the form of prizes for the accomplishments of our community members. As an L3C we can take donations but they are not tax-deductible.