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The internet is powerful.

But it has become dominated by social media that is divisive and superficial.

How can we revolutionize the internet?


We need to create experiences that:

Inspire connection, not division.

Maximize meaning, not profit. 

Inspire hope, not fear.

This is what we are building: an app we only use once a year to reflect on who we are, how we've grown, and who we want to be. 

Our answers take the shape of flowers that collectively create an evolving piece of art.

The experience reminds us of our shared humanity and inspires us to have meaningful conversations in real life that deepen our relationships and create new ones.\

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We call this experience The Flower: a simple self-reflection and community-building tool. We've been developing it for the past 8 years. Many of you have created Flowers, informing its evolution, and contributing to its growth.


Now, after doing The Flower countless times in person, we are making a web app so anyone anywhere can create and view their Flowers for years to come and be part of the internet revolution.


Here's how you can help.


Share on Social Media:

  • Donate: the simplest way to give via Paypal or Venmo: @oKCommunity

  • Join: give $5/month or $36/year 

  • Shop: buy a Flower t-shirt for yourself or a loved one

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Jen Martelle


Winnie Dresden


Lovisa Svallingson

Technical Advisor

Olive Robb


Gabe Koss

Lead Developer

Liam Corcoran


Ryan Pierson


Meet the other members of the team and our Advisory Board here.





Development by Winnie, Jen, and Olive with Lovisa acting as Technical Advisor. Completed by Gabe.



Ongoing maintenance and updates will continue after basic app is developed.



This includes the cost of shirts, stickers, social media and other promotional tools.



This includes the development of a Privacy Policy and filing for trademarks and copyrights.



This includes software subscriptions and costs associated sales outreach.



This includes website, product, and marketing material design by Ryan and Liam.





We will be launching The Flower in fall 2021 with the goal of having 10,000 people create Flowers by the following fall. At first, our strategy for sharing it with the world will be the same as it has always been: in-person events and workshops. These will be conducted at high schools and colleges, in art and innovation spaces, with community organizations and religious groups, and through direct outreach to individuals and communities. This will be complemented by our social media presence, media appearances, and sales of our sustainable clothing. 

In the years to come, participants will be invited to become facilitators of the experience, the app will be designed to allow anyone in the world to create a Flower, and we hope to create partnerships with mission-driven organizations who value the self-reflection and community building experience.


oK L3C

We are a crowdfunded organization founded and registered as a L3C in Vermont. 

L3C's are Low-Profit Limited Liability organizations. Like a non-profit, we are mission-driven and all revenue generated is put back into the company. As an L3C we can receive grants and take donations but they are not tax-deductible.
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