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​Join the oK Community to receive the following: ​

  • A free self-care consultation and resources

  • Community Care calls

  • A monthly newsletter of stories and resources

  • Growing Finance, Health, and Civics databases

  • Free admission to the annual celebration

  • Free stickers :)

Join the oK Community as a group to access our framework for amplifying and sustaining your work that includes:

  • Help with fundraising and membership growth

  • Framework for putting on community celebrations to maintain momentum, catalyze direct actions, and share resources.

  • A guide to creating a foundation of agreements, decision-making processes, and shared purpose

  • Relationship building tools to bridge differences and ease collaboration

  • Weekly Community Care calls

  • A conflict resolution framework

  • Method for overcoming stagnancy

  • Prizes for accomplishments :)

Contact for more information.

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