Group Membership

Join the oK Community as a group to access our framework for amplifying and sustaining your work that includes:

  • Help with fundraising and membership growth

  • Framework for putting on community celebrations to maintain momentum, catalyze direct actions, and share resources.

  • A guide to creating a foundation of agreements, decision-making processes, and shared purpose

  • Relationship building tools to bridge differences and ease collaboration

  • Weekly Community Care calls

  • A conflict resolution framework

  • Method for overcoming stagnancy

  • Prizes for accomplishments :)

Contact for more information.

Personal Membership

​Join the oK Community and receive the following: 

  • A free self-care consultation and resources

  • Weekly Community Care calls

  • A monthly newsletter of stories and resources

  • Growing resource databases

  • Free admission to the annual celebration

  • Free stickers :)

We are a crowdfunded organization.

Learn how you can become a contributor here:

oK is a Low-Profit Limited Liability (L3C) organization. All of our profits are dispersed in the form of prizes for the accomplishments of our community members. As an L3C we can take donations but they are not tax-deductible. If you would still like to donate to the community though you can.


Transforming our world to become more sustainable and equitable is a challenge that requires individuals to contribute their unique power and collaborate across differences.

The framework of our community reflects this. 

Our emphasis is on self-care and community building. We fuel our tireless activism with frequent celebrations. We believe in taking hyper-local action and making systemic changes to federal policy. 

We have built balance into all aspects of our community in an attempt to address the inequities we see in the world and the extremes that threaten our habitats.