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Contact us at or click here to bring The Flower to your school.

Mentoring & Professional Development

oK uses art and games to facilitate social-emotional learning focused on teen empowerment. Based in Brooklyn, NY, we offer programs, workshops, and presentations largely focused on an experience called The Flower.


The Flower is a social-emotional learning tool designed for deep self-reflection and community building. Learn more

Choose Your Workshop


Give students a fun, creative way to self-reflect and build relationships with The Flower.


2 Hours

5-20 students

Bouquet of Flowers

Develop relationships and a culture of self-reflection amongst your faculty with The Flower. 


2 Hours

5-20 teachers

Red Theme Bouquet

Student leaders can learn to facilitate The Flower and build a positive school culture.


3 Hours

5-10 students

Bouquet on Green Background

Faculty can learn to facilitate The Flower so you can independently use it for years to come.


3 Hours

5-10 teachers


Give an entire grade level or your whole school the opportunity to reflect and get to know each other in a meaningful way as they are introduced to The Flower and the story of depression, self-expression, and entrepreneurship behind it.

1 Hour

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Your Facilitator

All workshops and presentations are run by Liam Corcoran - the founder of oK and the creator of The Flower.  Liam has been facilitating experiences for youth for 10 years and often weaves music into presentations, drawing upon his decade of experience as a rapper to create engaging experiences.

Learn more about Liam's professional career and work as an artist.

The Flower workshop gave me so many insights into who I am.  I'd recommend oK to anyone looking to understand how they got to where they are and see with more clarity where they could be headed. 


Eric, 18

It was a really fun class to participate in. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and ideas with people. I found that this class pushed me to think about my future more. To focus on my dreams and aspirations and how to bring them to life. But, I also truly enjoyed the company of others on this journey. Not to say it can't be done alone, but to do it with others provides new perspectives. Maybe somebody will say something and inspire you to do the same or something similar. Overall, I found this class to be very beneficial for me.

Madie, 14

Liam's coaching and workshop facilitation helped the students reflect on their lives in a novel way and think intentionally about how to find joy in life. He was also able to clearly demonstrate how reflection and creativity have helped him on his own journey through a vulnerable performance that engaged the school and resonated with some of our harder-to-reach students.


Nicole Colter

Business & Technology Instructor

Three Rivers Community College

I feel like The Flower is a good resource to check up on yourself and others. Especially if you don't have anyone that checks in on you and asks you these types of questions.

Onyx, 16

The whole process was amazing. It helped me get to know myself, more about what I stand for, and who I want to be too. I also feel like I actually know my classmates now!


Holly, 17

The Flower is a deceptively simple process that yields amazing results. It provides the type of deep reflective experience we all crave yet rarely make time for. It was especially powerful to do with my colleagues. This was a great one-off experience but I think we would benefit greatly from learning to facilitate it ourselves and making it a practice within our community. 

Josie Jordan

Former Teacher &
Educational Consultant

oK L3C is a certified partner of Catapult Learning and serve as a subcontractor in the Emergency Funding for Nonpublic Schools (EANS) Program through New York State (NYS).

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Learn more about oK and The Flower.

Contact us at or click here to bring The Flower to your school.

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