A game where players travel through time to practice collaborative problem-solving. Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, Civilization, and Liam Corcoran's work with Synthesis, players work together to navigate scenarios from history and based in the future.

The situations take place across the world and offer an insight into various cultures and the universal dynamics of power.

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(In Development)

Survive on an island by exploring and staying safe.


Understand the nature of each element and use your discoveries to eat, plant, build, and hide.


Compete or collaborate.


Islands provides students with a complex environment that they must navigate collaboratively. Sense-making stays at the core of the experience even after mastery of the game. While maintaining the ability to create both competitive and collaborative scenarios, Islands also allows for deep cross-team collaboration, allowing players to form and break alliances or for games to fully transition between collaboration and competition.

With discovery at the core of the game, communication with teammates becomes key. Players must share what they learn with their teammates to be successful: whether it is reporting what the nature of a certain Shape is, communicating where resources are on the map, or sharing intel about another team. The ability to share resources with one another creates closer relationships between players and stimulates more inter-team interaction.