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The Seeds Of The Flower

If we want to create something that represents who we are, it should be beautiful and unique while containing some essential shared qualities.

This was why I created The Flower.

Well, Noah Limanek actually made it after I went to him and shared my vision. I remember trying to describe it casually to him outside the cafeteria, brimming with excitement as I basked in the joy of my botanical insight. It wasn’t a terribly difficult design challenge, and my idea certainly wasn’t groundbreaking.

He assured me he could do it, and he did, coming back with the black outline of 6 petals fanning out around a circle in the center. 10 years later, I still use the same design.

The flower premiered during a small gathering I organized in my new apartment. Officially a college dropout, I was grateful some friends from Champlain College had invited me to live with them - and even more grateful my parents had offered to pay my rent that summer while I figured out a way to make a living. Theme alert: Nothing I've done would've been possible without the support of my friends and family.

My new home featured David Johnston in the room across from me and in the third room, Katelyn Michell, CPA - and Meg Tighe. Most of us had likely left co-living behind but they had the thrifty idea of sharing a single room. It didn't turn out well, but for now, we were all enjoying our first apartment, and I was now officially an entrepreneur and wanted to be thrifty too so I launched my venture right there in our shared space.

I wrangled together 6 people. Dave McGrath, my roommate from the past year, and our shared friends Kyle Petow and William Eaton. Meg and Katelyn had come to the early “Do You” meetings and invited Renae Bouchard. I don’t think David Johnston was there but…let’s pretend he was and say it was 8 of us in total.

Does anyone I remember this?

If any of this is true, that’s all I remember. I can imagine I fumbled through some sort of introduction and then proceeded to facilitate a much too complicated and likely lackluster experience that left everyone with the word “meh” at the forefront of their minds.

You have to start somewhere.

I held more meetings that summer but I don’t think they included the flower. I experimented with other things: determining purpose, setting goals, creating practices, etc.

However, the seeds of the flower were planted, and it would evolve over the years into something loved by many for its beauty, utility, and ability to capture something essential about us all. I had a long way to go before I realized it.

But I eventually did and you can create your own Flower now:


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