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The Flower Project

Self-Reflection & Community-Building


Developed in 2012, The Flower has reached hundreds of people through workshops and now can be done by anyone online.
Each petal of the Flower prompts us with questions that get to the core of who we are. By sharing our answers, we are able to connect in a deeply meaningful way and build relationships based upon mutual understanding.

When the process is complete, we are able to see our Flowers all together, allowing us to see the beauty of our individuality and our inherent unity. 

Develop Your Personal Power
Build Meanginful Relationships
Experience the Power of Unity & Diversity

5-30 People (1-12 Hours)
Experience the Flower
Learn to Facilitate  

30+ People (1-2 Hours)
Bring the Flower to Everyone
Hear the Story Behind It 

Bring the Flower project to your community:


Workshop Types
The Flower is an exercise designed to be completed once a year.

It can be done in 1 session but ideally, the experience takes place over 6 sessions that allow for the group to focus on one petal at a time, allowing deeper conversations to occur. 

We also offer workshops that give you the opportunity to learn how to facilitate The Flower yourself so faculty or student leaders can come away with a community-building tool they can use independently in the future. 

The web app also prompts you to create a Flower on your birthday and it can be used for free outside of the workshops as a way for individuals to reflect on and celebrate their growth.

Presentations give large groups the opportunity to create Flowers all at once while hearing the story behind the project within the context of the larger theme that is most relevant:

The Power of Service:
Community Service as a Way to Develop Power

The Power of Unity & Diversity:
A Country of Immigrants

The Power of Persistence:
Iterative Design as an Entrepreneur

The Power of Expression:
Creating Your Own Story



Your Facilitator

All workshops and presentations are run by Liam Corcoran - the founder of oK and the creator of The Flower.  Liam has been facilitating experiences for youth for 10 years and often weaves music into presentations, drawing upon their decade of experience as a rapper to create engaging experiences.
Learn more about Liam's professional career and work as an artist.

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